A complete Australian Owner Builder Resource.

There is no national approach to Owner Builders in Australia, and each state has their own requirements, which vary greatly in scope and complexity.

Basically, an Owner Builder is a person that owns a property and intends to build (usually) residential works which includes managing, arranging, overseeing and/or actually constructing themselves.

It has long been held in Australia that any person who wishes to undertake a construction project on their own property should have the right to do so.

Different states have introduced licensing and/or regulation of Owner Builders to ensure their is a level of knowledge available, and also to prevent non-licensed builders from profiteering and taking advantage of this market segment.

Owner Builder’s have the same obligations as a registered or licensed builder for the most part, in that they need to ensure that the relevant permits and approvals are obtained prior to commenting the works, and that those works are constructed in accordance with the approved documentation, the relevant Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia provisions.

Licensing or registration for Owner Builders exist in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

In addition to these provisions, the Owner Builder may need to purchase Warranty Insurance (Known by different names in different states) if they sell the property within a specified (minimum) period which is usually 6 to 7 years from completion.

While many Owner Builders undertake a project to save money, be in control and/or utilise their trade or family contractors, they often fail to fully educate themselves on the many facets of the construction industry and legislation, and thus put themselves at a disadvantage during the process, that can be both time consuming and costly.

Many Owner Builders fall at the hurdles that exist during the construction process, including budgeting, compliance, work flow and quality control – not to mention their usual family and work commitments which often suffer.

Failing to consider all these aspects can often result in delays to the project, cost blow outs along the way and costly rectification of unsatisfactory works to name a few.

This information site is aimed at providing access to all relevant info to ensure that anyone wishing to embark on the Owner Builder journey can access all they need to know, via content on this website, links to other sources of information, access to relevant service providers and a forum to discuss and ask pertinent questions.

This site is a work in progress that we hope you enjoy, and obtain the information that is vital for you to complete your Owner Builder project successfully.